Tips to Plan the Best Jeep Off Road Experience in Maui

Posted by Maui Jeep Rental on December 23, 2019 at 08:00 AM

Looking forward to a jeep off road experience on Maui?

There are a lot of reasons why renting a jeep on the island is a good idea. From being able to access Maui's beautiful sandy beaches, to having a reliable car that's safe and comfortable to drive on your vacation, a jeep rental car comes with myriad advantages if you come here as a tourist.

But how do you know for sure you're about to live the best jeep off road experience on Maui and how do you go about planning a super fun vacation on the island?

Take a look at our list of tips below and consider these few tricks when planning your next stay on Maui.



Jeep off road experience on Maui, step #1: rent a jeep instead of a small car

There are myriad reasons why you should consider renting a jeep on Maui, as opposed to driving a small car on your next vacation.

For instance, when you're planning a stay on Maui, chances are you'll often hit the beach. Having a car that can grant easy access on the sand is clearly an advantage.

Furthermore, you'll probably want to avoid driving back and forth to your hotel to prepare in between two destinations. Well luckily, an off road jeep rental comes with plenty storage space you can use, so you'll have the advantage of packing everything you need for the entire day and go out and about enjoying everything you've planned for the day without any hassle.

For the best jeep off road experience on Maui, book your car in advance

Plan on actually enjoying an off road experience on the island? Then you should secure your very own jeep rental in Maui in advance!

Get in touch with Maui Lifted Jeep Rentals today and don't hesitate to narrow down your rental choices. Check out our fleet or ask us about the 4x4 jeep models that we have available and transform your next trip into an experience you won't be able to forget!

In order to have a good time on vacation, make sure to respect the law and the other drivers

It's always best to be safe than sorry, so make sure you're familiar with the driving laws on Maui.

As we're sure you know, driving in Maui happens on the right side of the road. Furthermore, if you're used to driving in Europe, make sure you're aware the speed limit here refers to miles and not kilometers. Of course, seat belts must be worn at all times and don't park in a restricted zone or you'll get a hefty fine.

For the best off road experience, don't forget to pack along these few items

Waterproof bag or backpack - A waterproof storage option comes in handy after a day at the beach or you might find it useful when you go about exploring the rugged roads here, while it rains.

Pack a cooler in your car rental - A jeep comes with plenty of space, so take advantage of that and use it to pack a cooler.

Car chargers or cables - If you know you'll be on the road all day long, consider packing along a car charger for your phone or bring along an external battery.

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