Road To Hana Tips For A Remarkable Experience

Posted by Maui Jeep on September 08, 2020 at 10:00 AM

The Road to Hana is one of the most coveted drives on Maui and the entire world. The entire trip is long, breathtaking, and you’ll be amazed to find several beautiful spots, attractions, and hidden gems you never assumed you’d find on a road trip! To make your experience on the road a truly remarkable one, we’ve compiled several Road to Hana tips to help you get started. You’ll be glad you read them before making the trip.


Key Road to Hana Tips


Let’s get behind the wheel!


1. Get the right vehicle for the trip!


The Road to Hana isn’t just for any vehicle. It’s a five-hour one-way trip across several terrains, ups and downs. A round trip takes about seven to nine hours from Kahului. Driving to Hana back and forth can take anywhere from ten to twelve hours – depending on the number of stops you make.


Definitely, the best vehicle for the trip to the Road to Hana is a jeep wrangler, built for any terrain and strong enough to take on any obstacle. Getting a jeep wrangler for the Road to Hana is pretty easy and you can choose from a fleet to get started. Making the trip with the wrong vehicle can make it boring and stressful. This is one of the key road to Hana tips to get started. 


2. Hit the road early!


The Road to Hana is world-famous road and you won’t be the only one making the trip when you do. Even worse, you may get stuck in traffic every now and then. What could have been an amazing trip could end up as a stressful one.


Your best bet is to hit the road early and leave the South or West Maui resort as early as you can, not more than R a.m. You’ll be ahead of the traffic and still get the chance to see a lot of places as some stopping areas can only take one or two cars. This is one of the road to Hana tips that can save you from a lot of stress while making the trip. 

Road to Hana tips  

3. Get all the supplies you’ll need


As mentioned earlier, a one-way drive on the Road to Hana take about five hours. Throughout the trip, there are only few spots for bites and drinks. So, make sure you stock up on beverages, snacks and even food if you can. Hunger can easily ruin your trip if you fail to stock up. Don’t forget to gas up too, you’ll need enough gas for the trip! This is one of the crucial Road to Hana tips to make your trip easier. 


4. Use a guidebook


To really enjoy your drive on the Road to Hana without missing any of the most amazing attractions you could ever imagine, you’ll need a guidebook or a mobile app designed for this purpose. The Road to Hana is full of hidden gems and except if you’re with a tour guide, you may miss all the most amazing attractions on the trip. Having a guidebook is one of the Road to Hana tips to make your drive more exciting. 


5. Pick your favorite spots


The Road to Hana is breathtaking – but you may not get the chance to stop over to see every attraction while driving. If you decide to stop at every attraction, you’ll end up spending more hours on trip than you imagined and you may end up being stressed. So, create a simple bucket list of things you’d like to see and stick to your plan. Some of the best stops on the trip include, Wailua Falls, Hamoa Beach, Wai’anapanapa State Park, and Oheo Gulch.


6. Spend the night if you can


The five-hour drive could leave you tired or even stressed out. So, rather than trying to complete a one round trip, get a quality accommodation to spend the night in Hana. Need more Road to Hana tips? Learn about the right car rental for the Road to Hana

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