Relevant Tips for Driving on Maui Safely

Posted by Maui Jeep on June 16, 2020 at 10:00 AM

The island of Maui has so many breathtaking places for everyone to explore. So, chances are that you may need a car rental to get to some of your favorite spots. This means you may end up driving on Maui which is somewhat different from driving in any other city. On this article, we are going to share significant ideas about driving on Maui safely. 

Safety Tips for Driving on Maui All Year Round

Just before you get behind the wheel on Maui, read this:

Pay Attention to The Speed Limit

One of the most important things to note before driving on Maui is the speed limit. The maximum speed limit on Maui is 55 mph. But many roads on the island have slower speed limits ranging from 25 and 45mph. Also, driving on Maui means you’ll have to put up with driving on single-lane roads with stop signs and crosswalks.

The island of Maui has no freeways, interstates, carpool lanes, or numbered exits.  This is partly because the island has no large cities. The biggest you’ll find are Lahaina (population: 11,704, and Kahului (population: 26,337). So, most of the roads you’ll be driving on Maui are country roads. Wondering what type of vehicle, you should be driving on Maui? Here are reasons why you should be driving a jeep during your stay on the island.

Refilling Your Gas

If you’re driving around bigger towns like Kahului or Lahaina, it’s easy to find gas stations. However, if you’re driving around the smaller towns in the upcountry areas such as central Maui or even the east side of Maui, gas stations aren’t so many.  Even the available ones are a bit far from each other. So, make sure you have a full gas tank if you intend to go driving in areas with very few gas stations.  

Driving on Maui

Avoid Distractions

Maui is a breathtaking island with so many beautiful attractions. This means it’s easy to get distracted while driving on Maui. So, pay attention while driving on the island. It won’t take long for you to observe vehicles going slowly while navigating the towns. Also, road users are always letting in other vehicles and they rarely honk their horns except if it’s an emergency.

Pay Attention to One-Lane Bridges

Driving on Maui means putting up with one-lane bridges. You’ll find many one-lane bridges on Maui mostly on the Hana Highway where you’ll find some narrow roads. Normally, up to five cars can drive across at once to avoid traffic building up except there’s a sign that indicates otherwise. Whether you’re familiar with one-way bridges or not, you should drive carefully while going across one to avoid any situation.

Using Cell Phones While Driving on Maui

Using any handheld mobile device while driving on Maui and anywhere else on Hawaii is completely prohibited. This means using your mobile phone by whatever means is not allowed including taking pictures, texting, talking, or making a video etc. Nonetheless, if you’re above the age of 18, you can use hands-free devices while driving.

There are exceptions though. Driving on Maui laws are not applicable to drivers calling 9-1-1 with their handheld devices, and emergency responders using their mobile devices while working. Also, the law doesn’t apply to vehicle drivers who had to stop completely and turned off their engine at a safe location away from the road to use their phones. 

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