Maui Car Rental for 24 Hours - Reasons to Choose a Short Term Rental

Posted by Maui Jeep Rental on November 11, 2019 at 08:00 AM

How would you like to have access to those famous, non touristy, sandy beaches? Or.. how about taking a road trip and visit a secluded off road trail or a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall? If you thought it's not worth looking into a Maui car rental for 24 hours, think again!


Even for a 1 day stay, renting a jeep on the island can help you say goodbye to a boring short stay and hello to a short, but super-fun adventure!


If you choose a couple vacation destinations within driving distance from your hotel or airport, it makes sense to rent a car, even for a day. That in mind, here are our top reasons why a Maui car rental for 24 hours is always a good idea if you're taking a short trip to our beautiful Hawaiian island.

1. Maui car rental for 24 hours vs. public transportation services

Visiting Maui can be a lot of fun, even if it's just for 24 hours. So, unless you plan to get bored at your resort, you'll need to find a comfortable way to get around the island.

Public transportation may sound like a good a option, but if you're only here for a little while, it may not be the best idea to waste your limited time waiting for a bus to take you to your destination! You're much better off looking into a Maui car rental for 24 hours.

2. Renting a jeep on Maui for 1 day is a much better option than taking a cab

Say the bus is a bad alternative. Even as a grow-up adult you can only take so much having to wait for it to arrive... So, you might think calling a taxi might be a good idea.

Taxis, however, can be quite expensive here! So, even if you're only here for a very short stay, you're still better off renting a jeep on the island.

3. A jeep rental on Maui can take you to places that tourists rarely get to visit

Wondering how you could make the most of your short stay on the island? A jeep rental in Maui can take you places where most tourists don't have the possibility to visit!

If you plan ahead and do enough research, you could find enough places here that you could definitely visit in 1 day and that you could only access behind the wheel of a jeep. Don't miss the opportunity to see or experience something unique and look into a Maui car rental for 24 hours if you plan a short island stay.

4. Not renting a jeep on Maui means you'll miss out on what the island has to offer

You can definitely visit Maui for a weekend or one day and have a great time even without driving a rental. But not booking a jeep for your island trip means you'll deprive yourself from the possibility of living some great experiences. Don't allow that to happen and check out our fleet of available jeeps if you're looking to book a jeep for a short stay.

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