Jeep Rental Companies in Maui - 5 Myths That Need To Be Debunked

Posted by Maui Jeep Rental on July 23, 2019 at 08:00 PM

When it comes to renting a car on the island, we've heard it all. Some of the things people believe about jeep rental companies in Maui are true, however... others are downright nasty!


Without further ado, here are the most common myths that revolve around the car rental industry that need to be debunked immediately!


Jeep Rental Companies in Maui


1. It's better to rent from big companies instead of smaller jeep rental companies in Maui

Some people strongly believe that renting from the big brands is a much better idea than renting from the "little guy" on the island.


While there's nothing wrong with renting your car from a big international company, you shouldn't ditch the idea of booking a car from a smaller firm. On the contrary, renting your car from a friendly, local business may turn out to be a great experience.

2. The rental company makes clients pay a fortune for every single damage

This is one of the most common misconceptions out there. Who hasn't heard at least one horror story from a friend who went on vacation but then had to pay a fortune for the tiniest damage to their rental?


Truth be told, most of these stories aren't true. If something happens and you do damage your rental, and it's your fault, you may be liable and yes, you'd have to pay. However, if you return the car with one extra tiny ding, you probably shouldn't stress to much about the situation.

3. You can drop off your car anytime because car rental offices at the airport are open 24/7

While it's true that the airports never sleep, you can't just "decide" you can be late when returning your rental.


Jeep rental companies in Maui need to follow their own schedule. Returning your car late because something unexpected has happened and you can't be there on time is one thing. However, deciding not to contact the car rental company because they're gonna be open anyway when you drop off your rental is not OK.


Before returning your car, make sure you double check the rental agreement and do your best to call the jeep rental company if you run into any trouble.

4. All jeep rental companies in Maui are the same

Did you think that all rental companies on Maui offer the same service, under the same conditions? Nope! That's just a myth.


In reality, every car rental company on the island operates under their own general terms and conditions and, even though they do offer the same service, there can be significant differences between one firm's agreement and another.

5. It doesn't matter when the client comes to pick up their rental

Jeep rental companies in Maui typically offer a certain interval for clients to come pick up their rental. Of course, if something happens and your plane is late or if you miss it altogether, you should be fine to arrive late, as long as you let the rental company know that something happened.


Not telling anyone about the delay is not OK. The car that you were looking forward to drive on your vacation could be given to another customer.

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