How To Get Fabulous Rental Cars In Wailea, Maui On A Tight Budget

Posted by Maui Jeep on August 31, 2020 at 08:35 AM

The entire island of Maui is awe-inspiring with so many beautiful places and breathtaking attractions to visit. Considering the number of places you’d like to visit on the island, you may decide to travel on a budget. This may include opting for rental cars in Wailea, Maui on a budget. You shouldn’t end up with the least available car or just any car because you’re making the trip on a budget.


So, we’ve decided to share various ways to get fabulous rental cars in Wailea, Maui even when you’re on a tight budget and considering an off road tour.


How to get rental cars in Wailea, Maui on a budget


Let’s get started!


Make a reservation Upfront


Making a reservation upfront is one of the easiest methods of getting rental cars in Wailea, Maui on a budget. Rather than wait until the last minute to pay for rental cars in Wailea, Maui, you can easily make a reservation. You can do that from the comfort of your home, several weeks or even months before your trip to the island. You’ll end up paying less when you make a reservation upfront for rental cars in Wailea, Maui.


Get a discount with your credit cards


Many of the leading travel credit cards allow users to use their rewards to book rental cars in Wailea, Maui. But if you intend to save your points, you can also use such credit cards to make car rental reservations at a discounted rate. Some of these cards allows you to book car rentals right from your credit card dashboard on the internet. 


car rentals Wailea Maui 


Fill up your own tank


Once you get rentals cars in Wailea, Maui, make sure you fill up your own tank. Don’t wait for the car rentals to fill it up for you or you’ll have to pay extra for that. Since you’re making the trip on a tight budget, consider gassing up at a nearby station just before you return the rental car.


Use a credit card insurance


You shouldn’t neglect your credit card’s rental car insurance options. Review your cards’ policies and use the best to book rental cars in Wailea, Maui. You should start by making enquiries about the various services your credit card company is offering and the various available auto rental insurance. Also, your primary car insurance could be enough to cover you. So, find out before considering other options. 


Stick to just a drive


If you’re making the trip all alone, then you’ll be driving your rental car in Wailea. But if you’re traveling with a group of friends, colleagues, family, or loved ones etc. you shouldn’t forget to stick to one driver. Many rental cars agencies in Wailea, Maui will charge a daily fee just to add an additional driver.


Though some rental cars in Wailea, Maui agencies can waive that extra fee for a spouse or domestic partner as long as you have the same address on your driver’s license. You can also take advantage of memberships like the USAA, AARP, AAA or Costco to get a free extra driver with some rental cars in Wailea, Maui.


Compare daily and weekly rates


It’s easy to assume that the weekly rates of rental cars in Wailea, Maui would be less expensive than the daily rates. But isn’t always the case in all rental cars’ agencies in Wailea, Maui. If you intend to stay on the island for just a few days – about three to four days, it could be less expensive to book a car for a week and then make an early return. But just before booking, find out if weekly or daily rates are cheaper and don’t let the rentals know you intend to return early.

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