How To Choose The Right Off Road Vehicles For Rent On Maui

Posted by Maui Jeep on August 17, 2020 at 10:00 AM

What should you consider to choose the right off road vehicles for rent on Maui?


Off road adventures on Maui are often breathtaking and never boring. You can make your off-roading experience even more remarkable by choosing the right off road vehicle for rent on Maui. For many years and til date, the jeep wrangler has been an impeccable choice for off-roading on Maui and beyond.


The jeep’s unbeatable strength, performance, resilience, comfort, and convenience amongst several other reasons makes it the right off road vehicle for rent on Maui. The jeep wrangler is built from the ground up for all kinds of terrain making it a suitable choice for off-roading.


Choosing the right off road vehicles for rent on Maui


1. How does it feel like behind the wheel?


One of the key things you’ll have to consider before choosing any off-road vehicles for rent on Maui is how it feels like when you’re right behind the wheels. So, you shouldn’t hesitate to test drive the car before signing the paperwork. This is one of the key ways to ensure that the vehicle is actually suitable for exactly what you need and to ensure that you’ll be comfortable driving it for off-roading on Maui.

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2. How is the ground clearance and angle of the vehicle?


Choosing a vehicle with a higher ground clearance is better for off-roading. More is considered better as a rule of thumb in ground clearance. You should choose off road vehicles for rent on Maui with not less than 9 inches between the vehicle’s underside and the ground. You can get a suitable off-road vehicle with the right ground clearance when you choose the lifted jeep wrangler on Maui

off road vehicles for rent on Maui 

3. How far ahead can you see?


Poor visibility is bad for off roading anywhere. If you can’t see far ahead while behind the wheel, you may not enjoy off roading at night and sometimes at daylight. So, when you’re searching for off road vehicles for rent on Maui, choose one that is high enough for better visibility. Lifted jeep wranglers on Maui are excellent choice for enhanced visibility while off roading on Maui.


Also, consider the lighting if you intend to go off roading on Maui at night. Consider off road vehicles for rent on Maui with LED lights fitted in front or at the top of the car. Even when you don’t intend to go off roading at night, your adventure may run longer than anticipated while you're miles away from major roads. LED lights are perfect for enhanced visibility during such moments to help you see far ahead as you head back to the road.


4. What’s the vehicle’s angle of approach and departure?


The angles of approach, breakover, and departure are key things to consider when choosing off road vehicles for rent on Maui. If you choose an off-road vehicle on Maui with a poor angle of approach, your tires could find it hard to take on some larger obstructions.


Also, if the off-road vehicle for rent on Maui has an angle of departure that isn’t sharp enough, you’ll most likely collide with obstacles that could cause damage to the vehicle. More so, if the breakover angle of the vehicle is too small, your off-road vehicle on Maui may be trapped on an obstacle you’re trying to get over. When you choose the right vehicle for off road adventure on Maui such as a lifted jeep wrangler, you’ll have all the right angles to make your off-roading a thrilling experience.


5. What about torque?


While considering off road vehicles for rent on Maui, focus on the torque not horsepower. If you’re looking to rent a vehicle for speed, then you can go for horsepower. For off-roading, its engine power output – the ability to work, and that’s torque. This means your off-road vehicle is capable of easily climbing various obstacles to reach places you never imagined. 

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