Car Rental Kaanapali - 10 Tips to Drive Safe This Summer

Posted by Maui Jeep Rental on July 30, 2019 at 08:00 AM

Booking your car rental in Kaanapali is the first step towards a fun island adventure! But before you set off to drive into the sunset, do you know how to stay safe on the road?


Summer is, by far, the most popular season when tourists come to the island for a visit. Unfortunately though, unless you're extra careful, it's quite easy to get into a nasty accident.


In order to avoid any trouble while driving your car rental in Kaanapali, take a quick look at the 9 safety tips listed below.


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1. Stay hydrated when driving your car rental in Kaanapali

With an increased number of people visiting the island, chances are that you may end up stuck in a traffic jam on your way to your destination. If the weather gets too hot, it helps to have a cooler with plenty water in your car so you can stay hydrated until you park your rented jeep.

2. Pay extra attention to cyclists and motorcycles on the road

Don't forget to pay attention to two wheeled riders! Summer is the ideal season for cyclists and motorcyclists to get on the road, so just make sure you see them in time to avoid an accident.

3. Turn on the AC in your car rental in Kaanapali

If you can resist the heat with just your windows down, that's fine. But of course, there's really no need to stress out the importance of turning on the AC, if you need to, while you drive.

4. Wear sunglasses while you drive to avoid accidents caused by bright sunlight

Unfortunately, many accidents may be caused because of direct sunlight hitting your eyes or because of the way the light reflects in your windshield. To stay safe, try wearing a pair of sunglasses while you drive.

5. Check the condition of the car and air pressure of your Kaanapali rental tires

When you pick up your car rental in Kaanapali, don't forget to check the tire pressure and the overall condition of your rental.

6. Be prepared to change a flat tire

Have you ever had to change a flat tire? Learn beforehand how to do it on your own or at least bring someone with you who can help. 

7. Make sure you have a first aid kit in the car

Just in case anything should happen, make sure you have a first aid kit, complete with accessories, in the car. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

8. Pay extra attention on the road if it rains in Kaanapali

Typically, it rains less in Kaanapali during the summer, but just in case, pay attention as you drive if it rains and especially right after. The roads may get slippery so make sure to drive extra carefully.

9. Keep a safe distance from other cars on the road and respect the speed limits

Last but not least, keeping a safe distance from other drivers and respecting the road signs and speed limits makes sense if you're looking to enjoy a safe vacation.

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