Car Rental for 3 Days on Maui - Tips For Picking up Your Rental

Posted by Maui Jeep Rental on November 18, 2019 at 08:00 AM

Is this your first time looking for a car rental for 3 days on Maui? Then you're in for a treat, as you're about to learn a few awesome tips if you're renting a car for your vacation!

Imagine this: you land on Maui after a very long flight. You're tired - obviously - and you can't wait to get to your hotel and unpack.

But what if you weren't careful enough before you left for the airport and - uh-oh! - run into trouble as you pick up your car rental on Maui?

That in mind, here's a short list of tips & tricks that should help you start your island vacation with the right foot forward!

1. Make sure you have your license on your as you pick up your car rental for 3 days on Maui

Obviously, you need to have a valid driving license to be able to drive around the island of Maui. So, before you lock your front door and head to the airport, make sure you don't forget your license at home.


Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure your driving license is still valid. Check this aspect and, if needed, renew it before leaving for your trip.

2. Know where to go to pick up your car rental on Maui

You've booked the perfect car rental for 3 days on Maui! But do you know exactly where are you supposed to pick it up?


If you're not really sure where to pick up your car, call the jeep rental company and ask for directions. On a similar note, in case your flight is delayed or cancelled, it's a good idea to check in with your car rental agent and let them know you're going to be late.

3. Book a car in advance so you'll be able to choose the ideal vehicle for your island stay

When you browse through a fleet of cars and pick one you'd like to book for a few days for your vacation, make sure the rental company can cater to your needs.


If you want until the very last minute, the car you'd like to choose for yourself and your family may not be available. Try booking your vehicle in advance so you can make sure you'll rent the exact one you were hoping for.

4. Picking up your car rental for 3 days on Maui? Check both the inside and outside of the vehicle before driving off

Before driving off with in your new rental, make sure to inspect it carefully.


At Maui Lifted Jeep Rentals, we take pride in offering a great service. If you have any questions or complaints, let us know how we can be of assistance.

5. Don't drive off just yet: get to know your new rented vehicle

One more thing: get to know your Maui jeep rental before taking the car for a ride. Learn how to control the A/C, how to turn the lights on and off and familiarize yourself with the new car if you've never driven one like it before.

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