Car Hire Maui, Hawaii - Drawbacks of NOT Renting a Car for Your Vacation

Posted by Maui Jeep Rental on June 10, 2019 at 08:00 AM

Wondering if you should opt for a car hire in Maui, Hawaii?

There are plenty advantages to renting a car on the island. But have you ever stopped to think about the disadvantages of not opting for a car hire on the island?


Without further ado, here's a short list of the drawbacks that come with not renting a vehicle for the duration of your stay in Maui.


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1. Car hire in Maui, Hawaii: not renting a vehicle means having to walk or use public transportation

Who wants to walk 'till they're tired or wait for the bus on vacation?


While there are plenty well organized tourist bus tours, having your own car to drive to your destination is so much better.


Just take the road to Hana, for example. By opting for a car hire in Maui, Hawaii, you'll have your own vehicle to drive on your road trip.You could leave whenever you want, make as many stops as you want and remain in Hana, visit the town on your terms, and stay as long as you want.


Depending on a tour bus, on the other hand, means you'll have to respect a preset schedule and accept to take a road trip to Hana on someone else's terms.

2. Not renting a car on Maui leads to missing out on what the island has to offer

Maui makes for a wonderful destination to visit, whether you come here alone, with your friends or with your family. However, unless you opt for a car hire in Maui, Hawaii, you'll probably miss out on a lot that the island has to offer.

There are countless beautiful beaches here that you would only be able to access with an off road Jeep. Furthermore, there are dozens of "hidden" destinations, parks or trails that you won't be able to enjoy unless you drive there in your rental.

3. Unless you rent a car on the island, there's no way you'll feel like a local

Another reason why you should consider renting a car in Maui, Hawaii is to simply enjoy your vacation and just feel like you're one of the locals.

4. Without a car hire in Maui, it will be difficult to visit the island's most secluded places

Visiting some of Maui's secluded beaches is one most fun things you can do on the island. Not only that, but there are plenty more places you can visit on the island that you would only be able to access with a rental.


Don't miss out on visiting some of the island's most amazing places. A car hire in Maui, Hawaii will allow you to make the most of your vacation and see places that only a few people get to visit.

5. Skipping on the car rental experience won't allow you to fully enjoy an island vacation

All in all, choosing a jeep car hire in Maui, Hawaii will allow you to literally, enjoy your vacation. Don't miss out on what the island has to offer and contact Maui Lifted Jeep Rentals today. We'll take care of your car rental needs and help you have an awesome stay!

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