Car Hire Maui Airport - Annoying Driving Habits to Avoid

Posted by Maui Jeep Rental on August 02, 2019 at 08:00 AM

Admit it, are you guilty of a few nasty driving habits? Here's a list of 9 annoying things you should avoid while driving your car hire from Maui airport.

When it comes to picking up your car hire at Maui airport, most people just look forward to having an amazing time on the island. And while it makes perfect sense to want to make the most of your vacation, few stop to think about bad driving habits that could make fellow drivers roll their eyes or could jeopardize their fun time on Maui.


1. Checking your phone right after you pick up your car hire at Maui airport

Even though Instagraming the beginning of your trip to Maui is a must, try to avoid using your phone while driving. Social media and texting can wait if you want to avoid any accidents.

2. Going over the speed limit with your rental

We know that going on an island vacation is super fun. Still, going over the speed limit is a bad idea, not just because you'll miss out on enjoying the great views from behind the wheel of your rental, but because it can be dangerous.

3. Cutting in front of other cars to get to your destination faster

We get it, you're eager to visit your favorite places. But instead of cutting in front of other cars in traffic, consider leaving earlier to get to your destination instead of risking to cause a crash.

4. Forgetting to use the turn signals of your rental

We check our fleet of jeeps regularly, so we know the turn signals work. Don't forget to use them as you drive your car hire from Maui airport.

5. Not respecting the rules when driving on highways on Maui

The Hana highway, the Kahekili highway and other highways are definitely more than just a boring road! However, it's important that you respect the rules as you drive your airport rental, otherwise you could easily get into an accident.

6. Changing lanes incorrectly with your car rental from the airport

Always, ALWAYS check your blind spots. Just because you're on vacation and look forward to relax doesn't mean that you shouldn't pay attention while driving. Just make sure you get familiar with your car hire from Maui airport and learn how to be careful on the road.

7. Ignoring road signs while you're driving your rental

Seriously, why ignore the road signs if they're there for a reason? Many people are often in a hurry to get to their destination and run red lights or ignore roads with priority. Don't do that, you never know when you can get a nasty fine.

8. Parking your airport car rental where you're not supposed to

Parking on Maui may sometimes be a problem, but that doesn't mean you should park your car hire from Maui airport where you're not supposed to. Circle around the area and avoid leaving your car in a random spot.

9. Speeding up to avoid a red light

Needless to say, running red lights is a big no, no. Not only is this a dangerous habit, but seriously, who wants to use their vacation budget to pay a fine?

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