Are You Making These Kaanapali Car Rental Mistakes?

Posted by Maui Jeep on June 19, 2020 at 10:00 AM

Kaanapali car rental companies offer a wide range of car rental services to make your vacation a remarkable one. However, when you’re renting, avoid costly mistakes that could put a dent on your vacation budget. We’ve compiled these mistakes to help you get started. 

Kaanapali Car Rental Mistakes to Avoid

Here’s a simple summary of the car rental mistakes to avoid in Kaanapali:

Not Negotiating Price Structures

Kaanapali car rental companies often reward longer rentals. Many rental companies have weekly rates that are typically cheaper when compared to the regular day-to-day rental rates. So, if you’re spending a few days or more on the island, you should consider negotiating for a week rental. That’s cheaper than picking up the car at the Kaanapali car rental from day to day.

So, just before you sign the car rental deal, ask about the difference between per diem and weekly prices. Compare both prices carefully and negotiate what you’d prefer. Most car rentals offer discounts if you’re renting for more than a day or two.

Not Deleting Your Bluetooth Information

While driving the car rental, you may decide to connect the car’s Bluetooth system to your smartphone or any other handheld device. While that’s absolutely normal, you have to ensure that you delete every information sent from your device via the car’s Bluetooth system before returning it. You’ll have to erase the rental car memory even if you only listen to music via the Bluetooth. It could turn out to be a huge mistake if the next renter has access to your data.  

Skipping Pre-Rental Inspection

Before leaving the parking lot of a Kaanapali car rental, do a simple inspection by walking around the car. Look out for cracks in light cover, stains on the upholstery, scratches anywhere around the car, body dents, cracked or broken mirrors and windshields, chipped paints, and any other thing you observed.

Kaanapali car rentals

If you find anything, make sure the company is aware of it. If possible, take photos with your phone, or write a short note and ask the agent to indicate by whatever means possible that they are aware of the dent or scratches etc. Also, if you observe any mechanical problem such as if the car isn’t running properly, don’t hesitate to return it immediately. 

Paying for Costly Accessories

Some accessories such as a navigation system, satellite radio upgrade, or offers like insurance, and fuel package purchases increase your overall Kaanapali car rental. If you’re paying for any accessory, or add-on, make sure it’s something you really need. For example, your smartphone car double as a navigation system, and if you have an auto insurance policy, it could be eligible to cover for the rental.

More so, if you’re booking for the Kaanapali car rental with a credit card, it could provide secondary collision coverage. You should verify all these before going for a Kaanapali car rental.

Signing the Kaanapali Car Rental Without Reading the Contract

Some car rental companies services are laced with hidden charges. So, just before you sign on the dotted lines of any Kaanapali car rental company contract, read the fine print carefully. For example, some car rental companies have a mileage limit per day.

If you end up with such a rental company, multiply the mileage limit by number of days you’re renting the car and don’t exceed the total at the end of your contract. You wouldn’t want an unexpected extra charge to ruin your vacation on Kaanapali.

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