• About Us

    Renting a Jeep in Maui is never a boring experience! And our Maui Jeep Rental service is the perfect place to start your vacation in the island. 

    We know what it's like to be frequent visitors on Maui. And we know how renting a beat up "stock" jeep from the "Big Guys" can quickly turn into a dreadful experience.

    At Maui Lifted Jeep Rentals, you can be sure your vacation will be a success! With more than 15 years of experience in the automotive business and a knack for lifted trucks and Jeeps, we can help you make the right choice when it comes to Maui Jeep rentals.

    Our company was born with one desire in mind: to make our clients' stay on Maui as comfortable as possible. We started out with few cars at first, but quickly evolved into a successful Maui Jeep rental company. You can check out our Jeep Fleet and choose the best Jeep that suits your driving needs!

    Our friendly staff strives to offer a top notch Maui Jeep rental service. If you plan to spend a few days on Maui, you can count on us for your transportation needs.

    Maui Lifted Jeep Rentals offers an impressive variety of well maintained vehicles and we take pride in offering an excellent service. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities and we know for a fact you'll love your stay in Maui!

    Ordinary car rentals on Maui are often limited to few car options. Unfortunately for first time tourists, this could mean missing out on some of Maui's most beautiful destinations. Reaching magnificent places like the beach parks on Maui can be difficult without a lifted Jeep that can ensure you never get stuck in the sand!

    Some of the island's most beautiful treasures won't be found on a map, and are not accessible with typical rental cars. With a lifted Maui Jeep rental, you'll have the opportunity to explore Maui like the locals and capture the most amazing photos to help you remember your vacation for years to come!
  • Why Choose Maui Lifted Jeep Rentals

    Our Maui Jeep rental service can turn your dream vacation into a unique and wonderful experience. Here's why lifted Jeep rentals are a great choice:

    Maui Jeep Rental is Fast and Convenient 
    Why rely on public transportation or trains or cabs, when you can take advantage of a Maui jeep rental service? Allow us to turn your vacation into a memorable experience. Convenience is everything when it comes to our Maui Jeep rentals and our company strives to offer the best quality car rental service on the island.

    Renting a Jeep on Maui is comfortable and safe
    Nothing beats the comfort of renting your own Jeep on Maui! You can pick up and go anytime you want and you know you're safe while driving one our our well maintained trucks. Choose the lifted Jeep that best fits your needs and start your vacation with the right foot forward.

    Drive off the beaten path with a rented Jeep on Maui 
    If you want to experience Maui and feel like a local, rent a Jeep on Maui and discover myriad places tourists have never seen before. Small car rentals often offer limited transportation options. But our Maui Jeep rental service can render your vacation truly unique!

    Reach incredible destinations on Maui and look and drive like a local 
    Planning on catching the sunset in Ukumehame Park on Maui? With our Maui Jeep rentals, you can be sure you'll reach your destination while driving in style! Treat yourself to comfort and luxury and enjoy a vacation you'll never forget. Allow us to make the best out of your driving experience and help you enjoy the perfect time in Maui.

    Affordable Maui Jeep rental rates and no hidden costs 
    When it comes to our Maui Jeep Rental Service, we take pride in offering the best daily and monthly rates. Don't hesitate to contact us today and ask us for an estimate. With years of experience in the automotive industry, we know how to turn your stay in Maui into a memorable experience, without putting a hole in your budget.

    We hope you enjoy our Jeeps, and have an awesome visit!