5 Tips to Rent a Jeep in Maui

Posted by Maui Jeep Rental on October 24, 2019 at 08:00 AM

If you're looking for some tips to rent a jeep in Maui, you're in the right place.


At Maui Lifted Jeep Rentals, we've come up with a list of the very best tips that should help you make the best decision when it comes to booking a car on the island. Keep reading to find out what they are!

1. Tips to rent a jeep in Maui #1: get a jeep instead of a small car

If you're really looking to have fun and enjoy Maui, then you should consider booking a jeep instead of a small car.


Many people believe that, by renting a smaller car, they'll save a lot of money on a renal. But truth be told, you could miss out on a lot of experiences because a small car has its limits.


When you plan to spend some time on Maui, chances are high you'll hit the beach quite often. Having a jeep than can grant easy access on the sand is clearly a huge advantage.


Furthermore, as you prepare for your next destination, you'll probably wanna avoid driving back and forth to your vacation rental (or hotel). If that's the case, know that a jeep rental is equipped with plenty storage space. You'll could be packing everything you need for the entire day and enjoy ALL the activities you planned from morning 'till evening without any hassle.

2. Research jeep rental companies ahead of time

One of the best tips to rent a jeep in Maui is to do your homework and decide which rental company is the best one to rent your jeep from. Do this beforehand so that you'll have enough time to do some research.


Make a list of jeep rental companies in Maui, check out their reputation, their rental policy and of course, their prices and their fleet. Based on your findings, it will be easier to choose who you'll rent your car from and you'll be sure you've made the right decision.

3. Research what type of jeep you'd like to rent on Maui

After you've seen which jeep rental company in Maui is the best, it's time to choose your rental!


This is the fun part - well, besides picking it up after you arrive. You get to look at an entire fleet of jeeps and pick! We know, at first this is going to be difficult... how can you choose only 1 jeep? But as you take your time and see what's available, you'll eventually be able to pick a favorite.

4. Book your jeep rental ahead of time

After you've decided which jeep you'd like to drive on your vacation, make sure you book it in advance! You don't want to wait 'till the last minute and have someone else "steal" it from you.

5. Don't forget your documents at home. You'll need them to pick up you rental

Last but not least, one of the most important tips to rent a jeep in Maui is to make sure you have your documents on you! Don't forget your drivers license at home, for instance, or you won't be able to actually drive your jeep rental.

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