5 Destinations To Visit in Your Maui Auto Rental

Posted by Maui Jeep Rental on July 16, 2019 at 08:00 AM

When you think about it, Maui is not a very large island. However, despite the modest size, you can still find myriad of places to drive to in your Maui auto rental!


There are rain forests you can visit, waterfalls and white sand shorelines. Wherever you choose to go during your stay, you're guaranteed to have a fun time!


So, are you still not sure what to do on your vacation on the island? Maybe you should check out these 5 amazing destinations you can drive to in your Maui auto rental. You won't be sorry!



1. Let your Maui auto rental take you to on the road to Hana

It's no secret that Maui's best drives is - surprise, surprise! - the road to Hana.


This 52 mile journey will take you to places you won't even believe are real. You'll get to pass through the East Maui rain forest and also see dozens of waterfalls along the way.


Keeping in mind that this can easily be classified as a one day journey, it's definitely recommended that you book a Maui auto rental to enjoy your ride. While you do have the possibility to book a guided tour for the occasion, nothing compares to driving your own rental, making as many stops as you want and taking the time to breathe in the amazing tropical scenery!

2. Have you ever heard about the Kahekili highway?

Another awesome drive around Maui is the one that goes around Maui's northwestern "tip", the Kahekili highway.


The road has actually been nicknamed as "the other road to Hana", even though the road itself goes in a totally different direction. The reason for the nickname has to do with the beauty of the drive.


If you visit Maui and feel adventurous, don't miss out on taking your Maui auto rental on the highway that connects Kapalua with the town of Wailuku. You definitely won't be sorry!

3. Visit the island's Northwestern coast

Surely you have heard about Maui's famous blowholes! Not only that, but driving on the road up to the island's northwestern coast is nothing short of an breathtaking experience.


Even if you don't get out of your car, the drive itself is a good enough reason to take your rental out for a spin around the area. The views from behind the wheel are amazing! Just remember to go slow and actually keep your eyes on the road while you drive.

4. Don't miss out on seeing the Sun rise at Haleakala

One of the most popular activities you can do here on the island is go see the Sun rise at Haleakala. Of course, in order to get to your destination, you'd have to drive.


Don't worry though, the drive is well worth it! You'd be driving on the world's shortest road that goes from sea level, in Pa'ia, up to over 10,000 feet!

5. Drive your Maui auto rental and head Upcountry

Since you're already at Haleakala, why not take your Maui auto rental for a drive through Upcountry? You could make a day out of it and stop at local shops to sip some delicious island coffee, shop for local spices or just relax at the top of Olinda road.

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