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      Welcome to Maui Lifted Jeep Rentals! 
      The place where renting a Jeep in Maui is never a boring experience!

      Our Maui Jeep Rental company is the perfect place to rent a Jeep on the island

      Our friendly staff understands what it's like to be a frequent or a first time visitor on Maui. Allow us to help make your vacation a memorable one, by making your stay on the island as comfortable as possible. 

      With more than 15 years of experience in the automotive business and a knack for lifted trucks and Jeeps, we can help you make the right choice when it comes to Maui Jeep rentals. Our unique fleet of Jeep Wranglers are exactly what you're looking for!

      Why rent a Jeep on Maui 

      1. Our Maui Jeep Rental is Fast and Convenient - Why rely on public transportation when you can rely on a lifted Jeep to take you anywhere you want? Convenience is everything when it comes to our Maui Jeep rental service. 

      2. Renting a Jeep on Maui is comfortable - Nothing beats the comfort of renting your own Jeep on Maui! Choose the lifted Jeep that best fits your needs and start your vacation with the right foot forward. 

      3. Drive off the beaten path with a rented Jeep on Maui - If you want to experience Maui and feel like a local, rent a Jeep on Maui and discover the places tourists have never seen before. 

      When it comes to making your dream vacation even better, a Maui Jeep rental could be the perfect way to experience the beauty of road tripping on the island.

      Maui Jeep Rental Services

      • Our Maui Jeep Rentals

        Look and Drive like a local on Maui - Our Maui Jeep Rental service allows you to drive in style and feel like a local! Treat yourself to comfort and luxury and enjoy a vacation you'll never forget. Experience the perfect time in Maui and allow us to make the best out of your driving experience. We strive to offer a top notch Maui Jeep rental service and we know just how to make driving on Maui feel like a pleasure.
      • Affordable Maui Jeep Rental Rates

        Great Daily and monthly rates - When it comes to our Maui Jeep Rental Service, we make an effort to offer the best daily and monthly rates. Contact us today and ask us for an estimate. Our Maui Jeep rental rates are affordable and all our cars are comfortable and safe. With years of experience in the automotive industry, we know how to turn your stay in Maui into a memorable experience, without putting a hole in your budget.
      • No hidden Jeep rental costs

        No hidden charges and costs - Afraid your car rental comes with hidden costs and fees? That's never the case at Maui Lifted Jeep Rentals! We offer the best daily and monthly Maui Jeep rental rates and make sure to offer a top notch experience, right from the start. We believe in offering our clients an affordable way to travel and our Maui Jeep rental service comes with no hidden fees and no extra charges.